Scout Radio


As the National Active Support Unit for Broadcast Radio within Scouting we run radio stations at all sorts of events around the UK. These events are packs full of activities and moments that we want to share on air. Scouting events have such a diverse range of activities happening at them that we needed a robust system to enable us to instantly share the action and the moment on air. 

ipDTL has been instrumental at recent events for us, and we have used it in a variety of ways to help us share the excitement of a large Scouting event in real time.  At the Cambridge International Jamboree we had reporters connecting to our studio to give live updates from where they were on site. They connected via their mobile phone using an app which connected directly to the ipDTL client in our studio. All they needed was a 3G/4G signal and they were able to instantly go live to everyone listening. The low latency connection meant the studio presenter and the reporter were able to talk to each other as easily as if they were on a phone call, but in much higher audio quality. Suddenly every member of our team had the ability to go live to our studio via their smartphone, opening up many more possibilities. 

Scouting events often have a stage for shows and speeches during the event. We have been looking for a solution to effectively share these moments on air for some time, and ipDTL has become the answer. With a laptop connected to the internet and taking a feed from the stage mixer, we are able to broadcast what’s happening on the stage as it happens via the ipDTL client. During the Cambridge Jamboree we broadcast the mainstage evening entertainment on air for everyone listening to enjoy if they weren’t able to be at the stage. 

ipDTL has given Scout Radio a robust and versatile system to enable us to be more reactive and content focused at the events we attend. 

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