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UK membership fee abolished for adults in Scouting

The Scout Association has announced that, from January 2016, the HQ membership fee should not be charged adult members and should be calculated based on young people only.

This encourages the idea that volunteering is more attractive to future and current adults when they do not pay a membership fee.

The new HQ fee will be collected annually and calculated based on numbers of Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts and Explorer Scouts. The HQ membership fee for all members under 18 will be standardised at £25.50 (£25 for prompt payment) for 2016.

The new calculation has been designed so that the total amount of money that the UKHQ receives should not change (based on 2015 census data). Our research shows that 86% of adult fees are already paid locally via the youth subscription or fundraising. This change means we will be consistent across the board. It will also provide clarity for those members who have multiple roles in Scouting.

Counties and Areas will be charged by UKHQ (and Regions in Scotland via Scottish Headquarters) for a smaller number of total people although the cost per youth member will increase to £25.50 (£25 for prompt payment) to cover the loss of income from the adult membership fee. In many Groups and Units no change will be required to their existing process. In some cases the total youth fees paid could be reduced, and some may see a slight increase depending on their ratio of adults to young people.

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