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Scoutcast: Carry on Our Story

Our friends at the Pawprint Family have given us the start of one of their paw print tales and we want you to carry it on!

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That’s an activity that could be counted as part of your skills challenge, creative activity badge, and reading books counts towards your book reader badge!

The words are by Danny Thompson and the books are being published by Pawprint Tales, retailing for £7.00 and available to pre-order from

Here is the opening for ‘Alfie and the waterless Bath’:–

Alfie awoke from a sackful of snores, 
With a scruff and a woof and a scramble of paws.
To adventure! He thought, as he sniffed through the air,
To see if adventure was already there. 
But all that was sniffing was porridge and jam,
And a couple of slices of leftover ham.
So he pinched a whole piece and he sat by the door, 
With lead in his teeth and a will to explore. 
He sat on the mat with his bestest friend Teddy,
And waited for Legs 1 and 2 to say, “Ready?”
You see, it was Sunday and Sunday was best, 
For even though Sundays were made for a rest.  
Well Legs 1 and 2 had no resting to do, 
So instead they went out and explored somewhere new. 
And every Sunday, almost without fail,
Alfie went too with a wag in his tail. 
To towering cities or elegant towns, 
Or up to the mountains where rivers run down.
“Okay,” said legs 2. “Are you ready to leave?”
Alfie was ready, he was ready indeed. 
Out the front door and on to the path, 
Legs 1 said, “Alfie we’re going to Bath.”

Send your next chapter to [email protected] and we’ll pick our favourite to continue the story

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