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Scoutcast Cubs – Episode 1 – Communicator Badge

Welcome to this week’s edition of Scoutcast for Cubs – a weekly show for helping them achieve their badges whilst they can’t go to their normal meeting night.

This was recorded live earlier in the week, however you can now go through the badges step by step by listening to each audio clip, good luck!

This week Amy and Jack have a go at parts of the Communicator Badge! Remember: listen out for the secret password then head to to get your certificate. Here’s them talking about what you need and what you’re going to do:

Let’s see what Jack and Amy have in store for us this time:

Start thinking about how we communicate, what could we do to demonstrate that we know how to contact someone else?

Charlie from 6th Worsley having a go!

How did that go? Let’s see if we can chat in French:

Let’s do some more French:

What can we do indoors at the moment?

Do you know how to remember things? Let’s test your memory

What else do we need to do for the communicator badge?

Let’s end on a little thought… 

Hey Parents! Has this worked?

Thanks for completing some badges with us! Please find a summary below for Parents and Leaders about what we’ve done this time ✅, and what needs to be done at home ? – we can’t wait to do more badges again soon and don’t forget to print off your certificate (instructions in the clips)! Scoutcast will be live at 6:30pm on Tuesdays and repeated on Wednesdays at 5pm

Cubs Communicator Badge

? 1. Get someone to give you directions or instructions to do something.

? 2. Get someone you know to give you a call.

✅ 3. Show you can send emails and text messages.

? 4. Introduce yourself to an adult who helps out with your Pack.

½ 5. Choose three of these activities to do:

✅ Hold a simple conversation in another language

✅ Get an adult or Young Leader to give you a message. Remember it and repeat it back to them 10 minutes later.

? Another activity from the list you can find here

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