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Scoutcast Episode 3 for Beavers and Cubs

Welcome to Episode 3 of Scoutcast for the Beavers and Cubs – a weekly show for helping them achieve their badges whilst they can’t go to their normal meeting night.

This was recorded live earlier in the week, however you can now go through the activities step by step by listening to each audio clip, have fun!

This week, Jack and Amy, share some ideas about how to get the most out of your camp at home and work towards the Beavers camp craft badge. Then you’ll have a go at the emergency aid stage 1 badge

listen out for the secret password then head to to get your certificate. Here’s them talking about what you need and what you’re going to do!

If your camp has been cancelled (or if you’re just a bit bored) we can all take part in a camp at home or a virtual camp.  All you have to do is sleep somewhere other than your bed and take part in some activities that you would normally do when on a camp with your troop. You could get your mums, dads, brothers, sisters and teddies all involved too. You can also earn parts of your camp craft badge by taking part in a camp at home or a virtual camp.

The first part of the badge is to put up a tent. There are lots of different ways for you to tick this part off. If youy are lucky enough to have a lovely big garden, to get this part of the badge you can ask a grown up to help you put up a tent up outside. But if you, live in a flat or somewhere that doesn’t have a lot of outdoor space then you can build a blanket tent or den somewhere fun in your house. Have a think of where you would put up a tent or build a den and draw a picture.. This way you wont forget your fantastic ideas!

The camp craft badge says you need to be able to collect wood and help to build a fire, and then cook on a fire or BBQ. When you are out on your daily exercise with family keep a look out for sticks that have fallen from the trees. Dont break them off the trees as this can hurt the tree, you need to make sure you collect lots of different sizes of sticks or wood.

Start with your smallest pieces, then, using your other pieces build a teepee or pyramid shape around the pile. If you have a grown up to help you and a garden, you could also have a go at cooking on the fire or a BBQ.

Always make sure you have a grown up with you when youre near one and you must ask an adult before you make a fire. Do not stand too close or put your hands or any other body part near the fire. 

The next activity you need to do is to learn to tie a reef knot. As scouts we use lots of different knots for lots of different things. The reef knot is usually used to tie two ends of a rope together to tie around an object. 

There are two more things to tick off towards our camp craft badge. Pioneering is when you build a structure using usually poles and rope but as we are camping at home we have to use our imagination and think about other materials we might have lying around the house. Can you build a structure, it could be a bridge, a tower, a mini catapult using objects from around your home. Maybe you could use spaghetti and marshmallows, or sweets and skewers, or if your mums and dads like gardening they might have some bamboo and some elastic bands you could use.

Heres one sent in by Dale in Barking who created a tower with toothpicks and raisins. He has to be quick because his little sister was eating all the raisins!

You might already have a camp blanket but if not this is a great time to start one. You can earn and buy blanket badges that you can sew onto your blanket and maybe even sew on old neckers as well. Get a grown up to help you to sew on any badges to your blanket, or jacket.

We also launched the Holiday Hunt, head to for all the items on the list. The hunt ends at the end of Easter Monday.

Now were going to have a go at emergency aid stage 1 badge.
So the first thing we need to learn is why its important to get help and how to get help.

The next task in our emergency aid stage 1 badge is to find out how to help someone who is bleeding.

To treat a small cut:
1)wash and dry your hands thoroughly so that germs on your hands dont infect the cut
2) clean the wound using tap or bottled water – antiseptic wipes arent great as they can damage the skin an slow the healing, so id only use them if i was far away from running water.
3) Then i’d get a plaster, or another type of dressing if someone is alergic to plasters.

If the bleeding is more severe

1) Apply some pressure. Ideally with a clean dressing
2) Raise the wound above the heart.
3) Swap in the padded part of the bandage, keep hold of the rolled up bit of the bandage and unroll the bandage as you go round and round and that is going to hold the pad in place.
4) Secure the bandage with a reef knot (which we learned earlier).

We need to know how to help someone who is unconscious.
its probably looks like they are asleep, but not because they’ve gone to bed, so they might be in an awkward position
Here’s Laura to show you the recovery position.

Thanks for joining in with scoutcast ! Below is a summary for Parents and Leaders about what we’ve done this time ✅, and what needs to be done at home ? – we can’t wait to do more badges again soon and don’t forget to print off your certificate (instructions in the clips)! Scoutcast will be live at 6:30pm on Tuesdays and repeated on Wednesdays at 5pm

Camp Craft Badge

? 1) Help to put up a tent.

? 2) Collect wood and help to build a fire. (Ask an adult)

? 3) Cook on a fire or barbeque. (Ask an adult)

? 4) Learn how to tie a reef knot.

? 5) Take part in a small pioneering project.

? 6) Start your own camp blanket.

? 7) Visit a Cub, Scout or Group camp.

Emergency Aid Stage 1 Badge

✅ Explain to your leader or another adult about:

  • the importance of getting help
  • what to say when you call 999
  • helping someone who is unconscious
  • helping someone who is bleeding
  • reassuring someone at the scene of an emergency.

Discuss these things with an adult before you get your badge so you can check you understood

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