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Scoutcast Episode 10: Resources

It’s week 10 so we’re having a party!

There ain’t no party like a Scout Radio party

We’ll be making party hats:

You’ll need Paper or card, string (or ribbon or elastic) and crafty decorations

And a birthday cake in a mug.

You’ll need:

2 mugs.
2 tablespoons of butter, thats 30g.
4 tablespoons of plain flour and 1/2 tea spoon of baking powder (or 4 tablespoons of slef raising flour also works),
1 egg (technically just the yolk but its fine!)
2 tablespoons of sugar,
A splash of milk
A Microwave
Some jam, butter cream or icing as you choose.

We’ll also be having a disco and a fun quiz about what we’ve done so far on the show.

You can request your favourite party songs by emailing [email protected]

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