Scout Radio


Scout Radio are able to support Scouting with Broadcast Radio activites.  We can offer event Radio Stations, Interviews and event coverage, and programme activities.   For full details please read below. 
If you would like to book us for your event, or would like to see how we can help you get your Scouts involved in Radio, please get in contact through our Contact page.  

Event Radio Stations

Scout Radio can provide and support Broadcast Radio Stations at a wide variety of events, from county camps across a weekend to week-long events and Jamborees.

We can provide presenter-led programming, helping to entertain and inform the listeners at the event and those listening online.

We also run The Takeover, the opportunity for Young People to work in groups to present their very own live radio show.
Depending on the event the balance changes:

• For a weekend camp, we run The Takeover all weekend as part of your activity sessions, with presenter-led shows outside of this. We broadcast on a small PA outside the studio (and hook up to site PA systems) and broadcast online from our website and the TuneIn app.

• For larger events and jamborees we can provide a full FM service, generally under our ‘Jam FM’ brand, with presenter-led programming from breakfast to midnight, with The Takeover for a few hours each day.

We can also work with existing event radio stations, offering advice and support. From legal/ licencing to equipment hire, we can help.

News, Interviews, and Content

Our website aims to be one of the main sources of Scouting news and information in the UK.

We publish regular news articles with interviews and features about hot topics, upcoming and recent events, and more.

We cover many events within Scouting, including the London Marathon, Gilwell Reunion, YouShaped and more.

If your county or area has anything new, exciting or big just get in touch.