Scout Radio

Media Badge

Scouts Media Relations & Marketing Activity Badge

Choose from three of these activities to achieve this badge.

Two of the activities below are available at the Scout Radio activitiy when at events, we are developing resources for some of the other activities to support Scouts & Groups.

Produce and give a presentation about Scouting.

Use audio and visual media and think about how you can make it relevant to people not involved in Scouting.

Write a press release about a Scout event that has taken place.

Scout Radio’s Press Release resource sheet coming Jan 2020

Send it to your local Media Development Manager so that they can get it published in the local press, radio station or community website.

Find out about local media outlets such as radio, TV, newspapers and online.

At our mobile studio we have information boards all about local radio and the radio industry, with a quiz to check your knowledge.

Find out what their target audience is and work out a storyline that they might be interested in featuring.

Prepare and present an audio or video package about a Scouting event or activity.

Present your own radio show as part of our takeover on Scout Radio at an event.

The report should be accurate, informative and reflect the adventure of Scouting.

Prepare a creative display about your Troop or Group that can be exhibited in your local library, information centre or public place.

Interview a local public figure or someone in the local news, such as a church leader, politician or celebrity and present the interview to your Troop.

Scout Radio’s interview resource sheet coming Jan 2020

Get some advice from your Leader before contacting the person.

Here are our hints and tips on how complete this activity.

Produce some media which can be used within Scouting, such as a district newsletter story or a piece of website content.