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Reunion 2017 – Harambee For Kenya

One of the mainstays of Gilwell Reunion over the past decade has been Harambee For Kenya, who have had their stall on Essex Chase, selling their soapstone carvings and raising awareness for their project helping street children in Kenya.

Martin was joined in the studio by Leslie, who told him about the work that Harambe For Kenya do.

One of the outcomes of the work that Harambe for Kenya have achieved is getting all of the street children, not only off the street, well fed and educated, but also share Scouting with them.

We got them off the streets first so they were safe, they have an education. Some of them have left and work, have families of their own. We’ve got our first boy going to university and another one going to college and they are all absolutely delightful but they are all Scouts now.


Groups can go out to Kenya and work on the projects, in addition to this Explorers can work on their Explorer Belt and Harambee For Kenya can arrange for the explorers to complete many aspects of their belt in a third world country.

You can find more information about Harambee for Kenya by visiting or by emailing [email protected]