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Scout Radio Holiday Hunt

Jack and Amy Launch the Holiday Hunt on Scoutcast last Tuesday

We’re splitting the country into north vs south. Drawing a line from Aberystwyth through Leicester, Norwich and over to Great Yarmouth.

If you’re in Scotland or Northern Ireland Your in Team North

If you’re in the rest of the world you’re in team south (unless you’re really north then you can choose!)

Email your evidence to [email protected] with Team North or Team South in the subject for your submission to count.

We’ll count up how many of each we have for each team except for the

The smallest toy
A pet wearing a necker
A reef knot
A rainbow in a window
Something that is a triangle
Someone wearing odd socks with their uniform
A sleeping bag caterpillar
Two people making the scout sign
a beaver, cub or scout washing their hands
A cub/beaver/scout mascot wearing a neckercheif
A beaver, cub or scout in a den made from blankets or duvets
A tent pitched inside
An easter egg that hasnt been eaten
A photo of a beaver, cub or scout with the current scout radio logo
Something to do with scouts made out of lego
A sign of spring
something with a camel on it
A leader with their uniform on backwards
An adult doing Joe Wicks PE
A Scout Radio or JamFM badge sewn on a camp blanket
The perfect cup of tea
The most neatly ironed beaver, cub or scout uniform (including rolled necker)
Someone eating the most unusual thing on toast
The scariest costume
The noisiest thing
The biggest smile or smiles
The most adventurous scout adventurous activity done inside
The most enthusiastic campfire singing
The best camp gadget
The most cubs, beavers or scouts in one video call
The oldest thing to do with scouts

The rules

1) You mustnt run around your house making loads of noise and you must behave safely while taking part.

2) You musnt make a mess without asking…or without cleaning it up,

3) you must put all of the objects you find back where you found them once youve sent us a photo or video

4) you must ask if you want to go into your garden or any room or place you wouldnt normally be allowed to go in

For an item to count evidence must be sent to [email protected] only that email address will count. And the subject of your email must be Team North, or Team South each confirmed item is a point for the team and each ‘best/biggest/smallest/neatest’ item picked by the judges is worth 50 points! We will pick at random one email from the winning team and send that person a scout radio blanket badge!

The closing date for entries is Easter Monday at midnight.

Remember to tune in to Scoutcast on Tuesday at 18:30 BST to find out which team wins!

Live at 18:30 Tuesdays on Scout Radio

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